Time for Wine 5k, 3 Hour, 6 Hour

We are thrilled to announce the date of the Time for Wine, 5k, 3 Hour, and 6 hour will be August 21st, 2021. The 6 hour race will begin at 7 am, the 3 hour race at 8 am, and the 5 k will start at 9 am.

Sign up: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=76130

Adding an element of excitement to the 5k in 2020

The Course:  is a 1 mile loop course, including a mix of grass fields, jeep road, single track, and rock scrambles. The course is 95% runnable with a very brief section including technical rocks. The route will wind thru the winery’s land, vineyards both abandoned and active, and navigate thru a hand cleared private trail only open for our events use. Each mile has approximately 40 feet of elevation gain, and is seemingly “flat” but at 4000 feet elevation those small climbs will begin to add up for the 3 & 6 hour course runners.

Our course weaves thru the beautiful vineyard and tea fields.

Aid Stations: There will be a location to leave your bag for self aid at the start/finish location, as well as some basics provided at the 1 mile loop section. It is important to stay moving and not drink too much wine while running! Our volunteers will be there at the 1 mile loop start/ finish to help you if needed.

Time Rules: Only complete loops count, so pace yourself accordingly, if you have 15 minutes to the finish time of your race, only the loop you complete will count, so choose your final lap accordingly.

Sign Up: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=76130

Bonus: All racers get a free wine or tea tasting included with race entry.

All ages welcome, with parental consent and supervision.

Packet Pickup: Friday August 20th 4:30 – 6 pm, at the Volcano Winery, or beginning at 6 am race morning. Please wear a mask, and minimize extra people with you while checking in with Alyx.

Megan our 2020 3 Hour Female Winner, 2nd overall

Benefits: https://www.wildhawaii.org

3 thoughts on “Time for Wine 5k, 3 Hour, 6 Hour

  1. Excuse me but you get a winetasting for your $45 to run 3 miles? That’s kind of outrageous


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