Bokoa Combo Platter 50k & 100k

We are stoked to announce the date of the Bokoa Combo Platter, the 50k & 100 k will be Nov 28th, 2020. They begin together at 8am on the Bokoa Farms and Forest in Ninole Hawaii. The 16 miler will begin at 9 am.

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The Course:  is a Bokoa Forest Combo hilly platter. The course is 95% runnable, with some steep climbing and rolling hills. It is a mix of Gravel roads, Dirt Roads, hand cut mountain biking trails, and private forests trails. It features just under 2,000 feet of gain per each 8 mile loop, this course is created to have fast runnable downhills, and technical hard inclines.

Aid Stations: Will be centrally located in a main tent with an opportunity to access aid per each 8 mile loop of the course. There will also be water refill stations in between the main aid station. Please prepare to pack any super specific items you may want that you are welcome to leave in the main tent for your own reuse and access.

Time Rules: There is an 20 hour cutoff time for the 100k, meaning you must reach the 50k mark by 10 hours or less.

Pacers: Are not allowed, due the the sensitive nature of the trails you will be accessing only runners in the race will be allowed on the course. Train hard, be ready for this course.

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About our Location: Bokoa Farms and Forest is a veteran-owned, family farm and forest on the slopes of Mauna Kea, on the Big Island of Hawaii. They practice restorative forestry by reducing the number and effects of invasive plant species, and propagating native and endemic plant species. Specifically, they focus on removing and using strawberry guava, and planting and caring for Koa forests. When you buy the Bokoa Farms products, you support local restorative agriculture, and you protect and restore native forests. When you run this race, you support these efforts.

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