Mauna Kea Crucible

October 1st 2022

Course Description

All courses except the 107 miler are 100% gravel & dirt road.

The 107 miler has 8 miles of pavement split into two 4 mile sections. 

All races begin at just under 3000 feet elevation. The marathon is an out and back, the 41 miler is aggregate uphill to 7000 feet, the 107 miler will be weather depending and may summit just under 14,000 feet or do an alternate route if snow is present that will cap elevation around 11,000 feet. 

The 107 miler is an out and back with all of the main climbing in the front half. 
This is a high altitude, mostly self supported race. Do not sign up if you want an easy event. 

Hawaii Mountain Running Club 

This is a club event, all runners are HMR club runners or the entry fee covers your membership for the weekend. We look forward to your joining our ohana for the weekend.

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